Cheap International Calls

Agent and Affiliates

Do you have a user group that makes international calls?

Perhaps you are a business that already has a customer base?

Do you have a website that attracts visitors that would benefit from our services?

Are you looking to supplement your income or create additional revenue streams?

If the answer to any of the questions is YES then please read on......

The UK international call market has been a great area of growth.

With immigrants settling in the United Kingdom, it will continue to grow.

Telecoms companies continue to prosper despite the tough global economic climate.

You too can benefit from this growth.

Register to become an agent and we will pay you a generous commission on all of the calls that your customers make.

There are no registration fees but payments are subject to a £25 monthly payment threshold.

All we ask is that you actively promote our service.

Anyone can become an agent, you don't have to be a business.

All you need is a UK bank account for us to send your commission payments to.

If you are interested in the great opportunity, please use the contact from and sending us a message requesting more information.