Cheap International Calls

Cheap International Calls

Cheap International Calls

Cheaper International Calls provides an alternative way of making cheap international calls from the United Kingdom. We offer services that can be used from your landline or mobile phones. There are no hidden charges and you don't need to change your service provider or open a new account. We provide instant dial access numbers and our cheap international calls start from as little as 0.5p/min. Simply choose the country you wish to call from the drop down list below to find out the rate and how to make cheap international calls.

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Popular Countries
Australia Flag Cheap calls to Australia
Poland Flag Cheap calls to Poland
Bangladesh Flag Cheap calls to Bangladesh South Africa Flag Cheap calls to South Africa
india Flag Cheap calls to India Thailand Flag Cheap calls to Thailand
Iran Flag Cheap calls to Iran Ukraine Flag Cheap calls to Ukraine
Pakistan Flag Cheap calls to Pakistan USA Flag Cheap calls to USA

Our services for making Cheap International Calls

Cheap International Calls
From Your Landline

Make cheap calls from your existing landline using our instant dial access numbers. There is no need to change service providers or open an account. Simply dial our access number and then make your international call, your service provider will charge you for calling our access number and there are no additional charges from us. This service is compatible with all of the major service providers. Rates start from as little as 1p per minute.

Cheap International Calls
From Your Mobile

Our SMS top-up service allows you to make cheap calls from your mobile phone. Send a text message to buy international calling credit and then dial our UK access number to make cheap calls using your credit. You can use your inclusive minutes to dial our access number. This service is compatible with all of the major service providers. Unlike most similar services, your credit never expires so it's always available for you to use.

Cheap International Calls
Using Paypal Top-up

Our Paypal top-up service can be used to purchase international calling credit for use from your landline or mobile. If you don't have a Paypal account you can top-up by credit or debit card. We provide a UK access number which you can call as part of your inclusive landline or mobile minutes or is charged by your service provider at their standard UK call rate, or we can provide access using a freephone number.